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Discover the modified cash rebate up to 35%

The Netherlands Film Fund is proud to present the modified Production Incentive scheme that will be in place as of October 1 2017.
It now offers:
  • up to 35% cash rebate for film productions
  • 30 % cash rebate for high-end TV series
This factsheet explains the basics of the cash rebate which supports cinematic feature films, feature-length documentaries and feature-length animated films and high-end TV drama, documentary and animation series, or single episodes. Please check Netherlands Film Production Incentive (cash rebate) for the full guidelines and application deadlines.
Since its launch in 2014 over 200 film productions have been backed by the Production Incentive, such as Brimstone, Dunkirk and The Little Vampire

If you are interested in learning more about what The Netherlands Film Fund, The Production Incentive and The Netherlands Film Commission can offer and how we can help you with your project, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or [email protected]

Amongst the 10 films selected for Toronto International Film Festival 2017, 5 projects have been backed by the Production Incentive: Zama, Tulipani, Good Favour, Disappearance and Beyond Words