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Cinescoop: three feature films each receive 1.8 million euros

“With Cinescoop, we want to give the strongest possible boost to films with a high level of ambition. Distinctive films which give space to the signature of the makers.”, says director Bero Beyer. “We are pleased to be able to give generous support to these three appealing and powerful projects in the first round. Projects that each embrace cinema in their own way and hopefully will find their way to an audience at home and abroad.”.

The bar was set high in the application procedure. The Film Fund received 10 film projects from which the final selection was made. An important criterion in the selection was that the film projects show an excellent cinematographic quality, both artistically and in terms of production. All films will be produced to new sustainability standards.

More information about the selected projects:

In Alaska, feature film

Director: Jaap van Heusden
Script: Jaap van Heusden & Vinnie Karetak
Producer: IJswater Films
Co-producer: Uuktimiaq Studios (Canada), in association with Rhombus Media (Canada), Volterra Group (NL) and Caviar (BE)
Co-producing public broadcaster: EO
Logline: Woody, a depressed 17-year-old boy from a tiny village in Alaska, does something grotesquely stupid: he shoots The Oil Pipeline and becomes a most wanted terrorist, hunted by the seasoned FBI Agent Susan Tarheel. The boy who was fed up with living, is now running for his life. Lost in the wild, without a plan, Woody is not an easy prey. But as Tarheel closes in, she also identifies more with the boy. While Woody escapes across the state and into arctic Canada, he is reconnecting with the land, its people and the roots of his Inuit mother: he’s learning for the first time what it actually means to be alive.
Granted support: 1.800.000 Euro

Miss Moxy, feature film

Director: Vincent Bal & Sem Assink
Script: Maureen Versprille
Producer: Phanta Animation
Co-producers: BosBros, Eyeworks Film & TV Drama (BE), Little Dream (DE)
Logline: During an unforeseen journey, a prejudiced city cat broadens her outlook on life and discovers the true meaning of friendship.
Granted support: 1.800.000 Euro

Mr K, feature film

Director: Tallulah Schwab
Script: Tallulah Schwab
Producer: The Film Kitchen
Co-producers: A Private View (BE), Take 1 (NO)
Logline: Mr. K, a travelling magician, finds himself in a Kafkaesque nightmare when he can’t find the exit of the hotel he has slept in. His attempts to get out only pull him deeper, entangling him further with the hotel and its curious inhabitants.
Granted support: 1.800.000 Euro

Image: In Alaska, Miss Moxy