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Brando back at Cannes

Vincent Tilanus' queer short Marlon Brando is selected for 2020 Cannes Semaine de la Critique. The young director talks to See NL.

In Marlon Brando, produced by Room For Film and supported by the Netherlands Film Fund, Cas and Naomi are best friends, in the most platonic of senses. But such is their love for each other, it eclipses the affection they feel for anybody else, to the consternation of his boyfriend and her mother.

The film is a very touching rights of passage tale, and is steeped in the bittersweet sensations that only adolescent love and friendship can kindle. It also works as a poignant snapshot in time, into which we can dip to observe the human condition in all of its playfulness, complexities and cruelities.

"I literally just wrote it as a story from my youth and adolescence, and it is even set in the locations where I grew up," says director Tilanus. "I wanted to write about love as friendship. I was inspired by many films but I wanted to make something where the two characters are truly in love with each other, but not sexually, as they would be with their own partners."

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