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9 Dutch Co-productions at Anima Brussel

Competition International Short and Feature Films for Children

Minority co-production Best Birthday Ever** has been selected for the Competition International Short and Feature Films for Children. Directed by Michael Ekblad and co-produced by Dutch production company Submarine, Best Birthday Ever is an animated feature film based on the Karlchen book series by Rotraut Susanne Berner. Earlier selections include Cinekid and New York International Children's Film Festival. Simon Crowe Films International handles sales.

National Short Film Competition

Camouflage* by Remco Polman follows an office clerk that desperately tries to hold his life together while the world around him gets darker and darker. A brutal regime systematically prosecutes certain groups - and he is not a brave character. This time, will he be strong enough to resist? Camouflage is co-produced by Moooves and festival distribution is handled by Kaboom Distribution. The short world premiered at Imagine Film Festival.

3D animated short Little Ox* is directed by Patrick Vandebroeck and Raf Wathion and co-produced by SeriousFilm. Earlier selections include Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival and Leuven Short Film Festival, where it won the Audience Award. A young muskox migrates with a small herd through the cold barren tundra. For the hungry young ox the rules of conduct are difficult to fathom. His mother does her best to take care of him. During their journey the herd gets attacked by a pack of wolves, who are after Little Ox. Festival Distribution is done by Kaboom Distribution and sales are handled by SND Films.

Minority co-production The Unknown Soldier* by Caroline van Kerckhoven and Peter Vanluffelen is co-produced by the Dutch Il Luster. Inspired by the idea that the Unknown Soldier might be their (great) great grandfather, a group of children from Brussels with different roots fantasizes about the adventures of their ancestors in World War I.

Dutch Features and Shorts in Other Programmes

Furthermore, there are five Dutch features and shorts included in other programmes at Anima. Short animation Luca and the Rock* by Britt Raes and co-producer Studio Pupil is selected for the Kids Programme. This comes right after its world premiere at the Berlinale, where it received a special mention. Aeronaut* by Leon Golterman and Pedri Animation is selected for the same programme.

Minority co-production Where Is Anne Frank** by Ari Folman and co-producer Submarine has a special programme, where it will also present the Making Of the feature. While A Double Life* by Job, Joris and Marieke screens in the Queer Stories program, the Dutch co-production The 2 Shoes by Paul Driessen and Anikey Studio is selected for the program Animated Night.

Anima Brussels International Animation Film Festival starts February 25th, taking place until March 6th. For more information, visit the official website here.

*This film is supported by the Netherlands Film Fund
**This film is supported by the Netherlands Film Fund and Production Incentive

Source: SEE NL