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28 new projects receive support from the Netherlands Film Production Incentive

In the latest round of Netherlands Film Production Incentive support, 28 film projects will receive cash rebates totaling 5,830,881 euro. Production spend in the Netherlands for these projects will amount to over 27 million euro.

In this round support has been granted to 17 feature films (arthouse, crossover and mainstream) and 11 documentaries. The total of 28 films includes 13 international co-productions in which a Dutch producer is involved. These include A Real Vermeer by Rudolf van den Berg, about master forger Han van Meegeren, a co-production with Belgium, Luxembourg and Croatia, Kebab Royal by Peter Brosens & Jessica Woodworth, a co-production with Belgium and Bulgaria, and Tulips, Honour, Love And A Bike by Marleen Gorris, to be co-produced with Canada and Italy.

For features, documentaries and animated feature films the cash rebate is 30% on qualifying Dutch spend.
There are 2 further submission rounds in 2015: 25 August and 3 November. For the August round, a budget of 11,608,862 euro will be available.
After assessing the most recent applications, these projects received the following amount of Production Incentive support:
Adios Amigos (feature film): € 255,731
Director: Albert Jan van Rees
Screenplay: Anne Barnhoorn
Dutch producer: BosBros B.V.
As If I’m Crazy (original title: Of ik gek ben - feature film): € 280,202
Director: Frank Lammers
Screenplay: Frank Lammers
Dutch producer: IJswater Films B.V.
Brothers (original title: Broers - feature film): € 185,000
Director: Bram Schouw
Screenplay: Marcel Roijaards
Dutch producer: BALDR film B.V.
Burma Storybook (documentary): € 52,682
Director: Petr Lom
Screenplay: Corinne van Egeraat, Petr Lom
Dutch producer: ZIN Zonder Iemand Niemand
Co-producer: JAB Film (NO)
Death Of A Soul Man (documentary): € 76,500
Director: David Kleijwegt
Screenplay: David Kleijwegt
Dutch producer: Zeppers Film & TV B.V.
Desert Zoo (documentary): € 69,050
Director: Catherine van Campen
Screenplay: Catherine van Campen
Dutch producer: Witfilm B.V.
Dreams Are An Illusion (original title: Dromen zijn Bedrog - feature film): € 557,534
Director: Job Gosschalk
Scenario: Tijs van Marle, Elle van Rijn
Dutch producer: Eyeworks Film & TV Drama B.V.
A Real Vermeer (original title: Een echte Vermeer - feature film): € 293,858
Director: Rudolf van den Berg
Screenplay: Jan Eilander
Dutch producer: Rinkel Film B.V.
Co-producers: Fu Works (NL), Cadenza Film (NL), Tarantula (LUX), Nukleus Film (HR)
A Family Affair (documentary): € 33,866
Director: Tom Fassaert
Screenplay: Tom Fassaert
Dutch producer: Conijn Film B.V.
Co-producers: Danish Documentary Production (DE), Clin d'Oeil (BE)
Hello Bungalow (original title: Hallo Bungalow - feature film): € 195,000
Director: Anne de Clercq
Screenplay: Thomas van der Ree
Dutch producer: 2CFILM B.V.
Heart Beat (original title: Hart Beat - feature film): € 344,230
Director: Dennis Bots
Screenplay: Anjali Taneja
Dutch producer: Eyeworks Film & TV Drama B.V.
Instant Dreams (documentary): € 69,615
Director: Willem Baptist
Screenplay: Willem Baptist
Dutch producer: Zuidenwind Filmproducties B.V.
Co-producer: Cobra Films CVBA (BE)
Miss Kiet And Her Children (original title: Juf Kiet en haar Kinderen - documentary): € 60,638
Director: Petra Lataster-Czisch
Screenplay: Petra Lataster-Czisch
Dutch producer: Lataster&Films V.O.F.
Kebab Royal (feature film): € 70,000
Director: Peter Brosens, Jessica Woodworth
Scenario: Peter Brosens, Jessica Woodworth
Dutch producer: Topkapi Films B.V.
Co-producers: BO Films (BE), Art Fest Ltd (BG), Entre Chien & Loup (BE)
Russia’s Legends (original title: Legendes van Rusland – documentary): € 92,000
Director: Jessica Gorter
Screenplay: Jessica Gorter, Marieke van der Winden
Dutch producer: Zeppers Film & TV B.V.
Monk (feature film): € 198,490
Director: Ties Schenk
Screenplay: Roosmarijn Rosa de Carvalho
Dutch producer: Viking Film
To Stay Alive – A Manual (original title: Overleven - een Handleiding - documentary): € 44,554
Director: Erik Lieshout
Screenplay: Erik Lieshout
Dutch producer: Stichting seriousFilm
Co-producer: AT-Production (BE)
A Perfect Game (documentary): € 61,022
Director: Robbert So Kiem Hwat
Screenplay: Lies Janssen
Dutch producer: Volya Films B.V.
Quality Time (feature film): € 259,797
Director: Daan Bakker
Screenplay: Daan Bakker
Dutch producer: Pupkin Film B.V.
Co-producer: Leader Films (NO)
Sisters (original title: Zusjes – documentary): € 70,852
Director: Simonka de Jong
Screenplay: Simonka de Jong
Dutch producer: Stichting Lavastromen
Sneekweek (feature film): € 437,329
Director: Martijn Heijne
Screenplay: Alex van Galen
Dutch producer: Farmhouse TV en Film B.V.
Co-producer: Marmalade Films (BE)
Spy (original title: Spion – feature film): € 388,743
Director: Pieter van Rijn
Screenplay: Tijs van Marle
Dutch producer: PV Pictures B.V.
Tokyo Trial * (feature film): € 830,125
Director: Pieter Verhoeff
Screenplay: Kees van Beijnum
Dutch producer: Fatt Productions B.V.
Co-producer: NHK Japan (JA), Don Carmody Productions (CA)
Tonic Immobility (feature film): € 80,000
Director: Nathalie Teirlinck
Screenplay: Nathalie Teirlinck
Dutch producer: CTM Pictures B.V.
Co-producer: Savage Film (BE), 41 Shadows (DE)
Tonio (feature film): € 454,445
Director: Paula van der Oest
Screenplay: Hugo Heinen
Dutch producer: NL Film & TV B.V.
Tulips, Honour, Love And A Bike (original title:Tulpen, Eer, Liefde en een Fiets – feature film): € 261,835
Director: Marleen Gorris
Screenplay: Peter van Wijk
Dutch producer: Fatt Productions B.V.
Co-producers: Don Carmody Productions (CA), DRAKA Productions (IT)
Maaike, Veterinary Surgeon (original title: Veearts Maaike - documentary): € 64,890
Director: Tijs Tinbergen
Screenplay: Tijs Tinbergen
Dutch producer: Selfmade Films B.V.
Zama (feature film): € 42,893
Director: Lucrecia Martel
Screenplay: Lucrecia Martel
Dutch producer: Lemming Film B.V.
Co-producers: Rey Cine (AR), Bananeira Filmes (BR), El Deseo (SP), MPM Film (FR)
*Re-submitted application