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21 new projects receive support from the Netherlands Film Production Incentive

Twenty-one new film projects, including 15 international co-productions, have received cash rebates totalling 5.4 million euro during the latest round of the Netherlands Film Production Incentive. The expected production spend in the Netherlands on these projects will amount to over 24 million euro.

Support has been granted to fourteen feature films, one animated film and six feature-length documentaries. International co-productions include the UK/US feature film The Price by Síofra Campbell, which will mainly shoot in the Netherlands and Handle with Care by Norwegian director Arild Andresen, who won the Berlinale Crystal Bear in 2011 with his feature film Keeper'n til Liverpool. Also supported is the Dutch 3D animated film The Little Vampire by Richard Claus and Karsten Kiilerich, and the Mexican feature Time Share by Sebastian Hofmann, the post-production of which will mainly take place in the Netherlands.

Doreen Boonekamp, CEO of the Netherlands Film Fund: “The Netherlands Film Production Incentive is clearly attracting an eclectic range of film projects and new production activity to the Netherlands. At the start of the new support scheme in 2014 international projects mostly decided on post-production in the Netherlands. Now we are seeing a clear increase in other key crew personnel from the Netherlands, such as composers, production designers and sound technicians, and many more international co-productions are choosing to shoot in the Netherlands”.
Cash rebates of up to 30% of qualifying Dutch spend are available for features, full-length documentaries and animated feature films. The final round of 2015 is scheduled for November 3 with an available budget of 11,433,667 million euro.
The following projects were granted a cash rebate through the latest round of the Production Incentive support scheme:
Botox (feature film): € 278,228
Director: Barbara Bredero
Screenplay: Maarten Lebens
Dutch producer: Column Film Nederland B.V.
Daniele - The Seventh Maestro (original title:Daniele - de zevende Maestro - documentary): € 52,452
Director: Carmen Cobos
Screenplay: Kees Ryninks, Carmen Cobos
Dutch producer: Cobos Films B.V.
Falko-Letter Of Fire * (original title: Falko-Letters van Vuur - feature film): € 495,538
Director: Dennis Bots
Screenplay: Karen van Holst Pellekaan
Dutch producer: Dirk-Jan Bijker Produkties B.V.
Co-producers: Iris Productions (LUX), Bulletproof Cupid (BE)
De Grebbeberg (feature film): € 834,356
Director: Martin Lagestee
Screenplay: Frank Bak, Geert Vermeulen, René Zwaap, Wijo Koek, Martin Lagestee, Elena van Eeden
Dutch producer: Lagestee Film B.V.
Co-producer: Living Stone (BE)
Handle with Care (feature film): € 83,656
Director: Arild Andresen
Scenario: Hilde Susan Jægtens
Dutch producer: Waterland Film B.V.
Co-producers: Motlys AS (NO), SF Film Production (DK)
Dutch spend e.g.: production design, line producer and postproduction image
In The Arms Of Morpheus (original title: In de Armen van Morpheus - documentary):
€ 134,099
Director: Marc Schmidt
Screenplay: Marc Schmidt
Dutch producer: KeyDocs B.V.
Co-producer: Associate Directors cvba (BE)
Into the Blue (feature film): € 322,000
Director: Jaap van Heusden
Screenplay: Jaap van Heusden
Dutch producer: IJswater Films B.V.
Co-producers: Caviar Films N.V. (BE), Strada Film (RO)
Layla M. (feature film): € 372,954
Director: Mijke de Jong
Scenario: Mijke de Jong, Jan Eilander
Dutch producer: Topkapi Films B.V.
Co-producers: Menuet BVBA (BE), Chromosom Filmproduktion (DE)
The Little Vampire 3D (original title: De kleine Vampier 3D - animated film): € 648,988
Director: Richard Claus, Karsten Kiilerich
Screenplay: Richard Claus, Larry Wilson
Dutch producer: First Look B.V.
Co-producers: Comet Film GmbH (DE), A.Film Production (DK), Cool Beans B.V. (NL), Telescreen B.V. (NL)
Morisot - the Heart is a Rebel (documentary): € 58,800
Director: Klaas Bense
Screenplay: Klaas Bense
Dutch producer: Zeppers Film & TV B.V.
The Price (feature film): € 652,917
Director: Síofra Campbell
Screenplay: Síofra Campbell
Dutch producer: Revolver Amsterdam B.V.
Co-producers: Five East Films Ltd (UK), Dahooma Productions (US)
Dutch spend e.q.: cast, production design, make-up & costume design, sound recordist
Renesse * (feature film): € 136,322
Director: Willem Gerritsen
Screenplay: Gerben Hetebrij
Dutch producer: Tom de Mol Productions B.V.
Co-producers: Lion Film Productions B.V. (NL), Marmalade Films (BE)
Stop It (original title: Kappen - feature film): € 273,880
Director: Tessa Schram
Screenplay: Maria Peters, Mirjam Oomkes
Dutch producer: Shooting Star Filmcompany B.V.
The Three Lives Of My Father (original title: De drie Levens van mijn Vader - documentary):
€ 73,355
Director: Yan Ting Yuen
Screenplay: Yan Ting Yuen
Dutch producer: Witfilm B.V.
Time Share (feature film): € 56,657
Director: Sebastian Hofmann
Screenplay: Sebastian Hofmann, Julio Chavezmontes
Dutch producer: Circe Films B.V.
Co-producers: Piano (MX), Ai Film (US/UK), Jorge Arturo Fong Fong (MX)
Dutch spend e.g.: composer, visual effects, postproduction sound & image
Treasures Of The Crimea (original title: De Schatten van de Krim - documentary): € 114,467
Director: Oeke Hoogendijk
Screenplay: Oeke Hoogendijk
Dutch producer: Column Film Nederland B.V.
Tuintje in mijn Hart (feature film): € 410,000
Director: Marc Waltman
Screenplay: Lars Boom
Dutch producer: Farmhouse TV en Film B.V.
Co-producer: Marmalade Films (BE)
When My Father Became A Bush (original title:Toen mijn Vader een Struik werd - feature film): € 105,469
Director: Nicole van Kilsdonk
Screenplay: Maureen Versprille
Dutch producer: Lemming Film B.V.
Co-producers: Nukleus Film (HR), Minds Meet BVBA (BE)
The Windmill (feature film): € 237,467
Director: Nick Jongerius
Screenplay: Chris W. Mitchell
Dutch producer: Pellicola B.V.
Co-producer: ETA (US)
Yesterday (original title: Hier - feature film): € 37,200
Director: Bálint Kenyeres
Screenplay: Bálint Kenyeres, Matthieu Taponnier
Dutch producer: Stichting Rotterdam Films
Co-producers: MFS Tegnap kft (HU), One Two Films GmbH (DE), The Chimney Pot (SE), La Prod (MA), Les Films de L' Apres-Midi (FR)
Dutch spend e.g.: sound recordist, post production sound
Young (documentary): € 30,871
Director: Magnus Gertten, Fredrik Gertten
Screenplay: Magnus Gertten, Fredrik Gertten
Dutch producer: KeyDocs B.V.
Co-producer: Auto Images (SE), WG Film (SE)
Dutch spend e.g.: research, composer
* Re-submitted application