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14 new film projects receive Netherlands Film Production Incentive support

In the final round of Netherlands Film Production Incentive support for 2015, fourteen further film projects have been granted a total of 2,261,625 euro. Eight of these projects are feature films and six are documentaries. The total includes 11 international co-productions with countries such as Lithuania, Denmark, Germany, Bulgaria, Poland, Canada and the US.

During 2015, 80 projects (including 50 international co-productions) received support totaling over 17.8 million euro. These projects generated more than 80 million euro in production spend in the Netherlands.

There will be for more rounds of Production Incentive support in 2016. The deadline for applications will be 9 February, 10 May, 30 August and 1 November.

For details on all supported projects see: http://www.filmfonds.nl/toegewezen and click PRODUCTION INCENTIVE.

The latest recipients of Netherlands Film Production Incentive support, plus amount, are:

Ashes in the Snow (feature film): € 126,870
Director: Marius A. Markevicius
Screenplay: Marius A. Markevicius
Lead Producer: Tauras Films (LT)
Dutch producer: Revolver Amsterdam B.V.
Dutch expenditure includes: sound recordist on set, sound designer and visual effects.

Between Two Worlds (documentary): € 30,900
Director: Janus Metz
Screenplay: Janus Metz & Sine Plambech
Lead Producer: Magic Hour Films (DK)
Dutch producer: BALDR film B.V.
Co-producer: Vilda Bomben Films (SE)
Dutch expenditure includes: image post-production and visual effects supervisor.

Cobain (feature film): € 289,261
Director: Nanouk Leopold
Screenplay: Stienette Bosklopper
Dutch producer: Circe Films BV
Co-producer: A Private View BVBA (BE), Coin Film GmbH (DE) and Waterland Film (NL)

The Prime Minister (feature film): € 264,563
Director: Erik Van Looy
Screenplay: Carl Joos
Lead Producer: FBO Films (BE)
Dutch producer: Millstreet Films B.V.
Dutch expenditure includes: sound post-production and sound recordist on set.

Ganz (documentary): € 84,311
Director: Suzanne Raes
Screenplay: Suzanne Raes
Dutch producer: Submarine B.V.
Co-producer: Lichtblick Film (DE)

Infernal Pain (documentary): € 68,730
Directed by: Olivier van der Zee
Screenplay: Olivier van der Zee
Dutch producer: Cobos Films B.V.

Holiday (feature film): € 78,155
Director: Isabella Eklof
Screenplay: Isabella Eklof, Johanne Algren
Lead Producer: Dharma Film (DK)
Dutch producer: OAK Motion Pictures
Co-producer: Waterfront Film (BG)
Dutch expenditure includes: cast, sound post-production and sound recordist on set

How to meet a Mermaid (documentary): € 53,579
Director: Coco Schrijber
Screenplay: Coco Schrijber
Dutch producer: Zeppers Film & TV B.V.
Co-producer: Off World (BE)

I am lying now (feature film): € 136,159
Director: Pawel Borowski
Screenplay: Pawel Borowski
Lead Producer: Opus Film (PL)
Dutch producer: CTM Pictures B.V.
Dutch expenditure includes: editor and sound post-production.

Rebel (documentary): € 52,000
Director: Floris-Jan van Luyn
Screenplay: Floris-Jan van Luyn
Dutch producer: Een van de jongens

Soof, if you smile you’re happy (feature film): € 503,713
Director: Esmé Lammers
Screenplay: Marjolein Beumer
Dutch producer: KeyFilm B.V.
Co-producer: Mill Street Films B.V. (NL)

Sylvain the Coninck (feature film): € 194,430
Director: Erik Lamens
Screenplay: Erik Lamens
Lead Producer: Prime Time (BE)
Dutch producer: KeyFilm B.V.
Dutch expenditure includes: production design, costume design, makeup & hair artist.

The Parts you Lose (feature film): € 346,599
Director: Paula van der Oest
Screenplay: Darren Lemke
Lead Producer: Bayahibe Films (US)
Dutch producer: NL Film & TV B.V.
Co-producer: Buffalo Gal Pictures (CAN)
Dutch expenditure includes: director, cast, director of photography

Winnie (documentary): € 33,000
Director: Pascale Lamche
Screenplay: Pascale Lamche
Lead Producer: Pumpernickel Films (FR)
Dutch producer: Submarine B.V.
Dutch expenditure includes: sound post-production and composer.