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Policy 2021-2024

The Netherlands Film Fund has presented the policy plan for the period 2021-2024 to the Minister of Education, Culture and Science.

As a Fund we operate in a constantly changing media world with increasingly blurred boundaries between film and TV, where international and market demands are of paramount importance and in which there is increasing financial dependence on public resources, such as what we provide at the Fund.

In this rapidly evolving environment, the Fund acts as a crucial link between the free market and the government, based on the conviction that Dutch talent and original and idiosyncratic stories form the backbone of our film sector.

In line with the minister's policy framework, we are continuing on our chosen path, but with a number of adjustments to respond to the unprecedented levels of dynamism and changes within the global sector. The core of our role is to stimulate films of quality that can excel and provide space for filmmakers, allowing their unique style and cinematographic vision to blossom. We continue to select on the grounds of quality, and to promote diversity and visibility.

Through its ongoing support of talent development, innovation, internationalization and professionalization, the Fund reinforces Dutch film culture across the board. In addition to cultural policy, we also pursue progressive industrial policies through the work of the Film Incentive and Film Commission.

The strategic choices we make are described in the policy plan. The hybrid instruments, with their selective and semi-automatic controls, will be maintained over the coming period. The financial framework that the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science makes available to the Fund remains virtually unchanged. The additional resources for Talent Development & Renewal that the Fund receives will decrease, but in broad terms the effort and desire to invest in talent and innovation remains intact.

Collaboration between the Fund and all sector associations, together with a joint lobby from the sector itself, is essential to achieve the goals that we set.

The Dutch market is confronted with an uneven playing field in financing options and an unhealthy market within both the cinemas and the many online possibilities/channels. The Fund therefore endorses the importance of an obligation to invest on the part of end operators, as well as the link between film and media policy, as announced in the letter from the ministers Slob and Van Engelshoven to the House of Representatives.

The Fund will further develop the policy plan in the coming months and translate this into new regulations where necessary.

Read about the policy plan 2021 – 2024 here (in Dutch)