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Development minority co-productions NFF+NFI


The Norwegian Film Institute (NFI) and the Netherlands Film Fund work together to encourage collaboration between Norway and The Netherlands in the development of documentaries.

Under this scheme, projects that have already received a development grant in their own country can apply for a bonus grant of up to € 15.000,- to further develop the project, the coproduction structure and the positioning in the international market.

Applications can be submitted by the Dutch minority co-producer (click here). He/she must have had prime responsibility as a majority producer for the realisation of at least one long documentary with a cinema release.

Maximum €15,000

Max. 17.5% in producer’s fee & overheads on the costs that the Fund considers eligible for a grant.

All the guide amounts can be found in Chapter 2 of the Financial & Production Protocol.

  • The film production must have received development support from NFI
  • The tasks and responsibilities of both producers with regard to: further developing the project, the coproduction structure and the positioning in the international market, must be agreed upon in a deal memo.

The documentary consultant and a representative of the NFI will carry out the assessment together.

The Film Fund Production department will assess the production and business aspects of the application.

The granting of a development application does not guarantee the outcome of any subsequent application.

Applications for production support can be submitted on application dates by the Dutch producer (click here).

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Dany Delvoie

Project Manager International