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Development minority co-productions NFF+NFI


The Netherlands Film Fund and the Norwegian Film Institute (NF) work together to encourage the development of documentaries between Norway and the Netherlands.

Who can apply?

A production company (a legal entity, so not a one-man business or general partnership) that has been based in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, a member state of the EU or the EEA or Switzerland for at least two years and that produces and exploits films and other audiovisual productions on a continuing basis.

The production company must be represented by the Dutch minority co-producer. He/she will have had prime responsibility as a majority producer for the realisation of a minimum of one long documentary with a cinema release.


Maximum €15,000

Max. 17.5% in producer’s fee & overheads on the costs that the Fund considers eligible for a grant.

All the guide amounts can be found in Chapter 2 of the Financial & Production Protocol.

  • The film production must have received development support from NFI.
  • The aim is to support the joint development of the co-production and enhance the cooperation on an international level. The tasks and responsibilities of both producers must be agreed upon in a deal memo withe the aim of developing the project further together and continuing to work out the co-production structure and positioning in the international market.
The appendices

The application file has to include the following documents:

  • A synopsis (max. five pages)
  • Note of intention of the director and writer
  • Development budget/financing plan
  • Letter of Commitment of co-producer, writer and director
  • CV's of the (co-)producer, (co-)writer and director
  • Producer's deal memo
  • Chamber of Commerce extract (not more than 12 months old)

The documentary film consulent will carry out the assessment together with a representative of the NFI.

The Film Fund Production department will assess the production and business aspects of applications.

Under Article 3 of the General Regulations, the Director/Chieve Executive Officer will decide on the application. A selection will be made with in the limited resources the Fund has available under the priorities referred to in Article 15 of the Realisation sub-regulations.

A grand awarded by the Fund is not a guarantee of a grant for any subsequent applications.

To apply for a grant

Applications for production support can be submitted on application dates by the Dutch producer (click here).

Need help?


Dany Delvoie

Project Manager International