Lock Doc Development (additional COVID-19 measure)

Lock Doc Development is a scheme to support documentary production companies in developing a new feature doc plan and at the same time in continuing the (re)development of existing film plans for short or long documentaries, the progress of which has been disrupted by COVID-19, but which can still be revised or further developed in terms of artistic content and production.

Support through this scheme is available for a maximum of 10 production companies within a subsidy ceiling of €600.000,-. The deadline for applications is March 23.

Status: Actueel

Who can apply

The scheme is open to production companies that are established in The Kingdom of the Netherlands, a member state of the EU, EEA or Switzerland for at least two years and which produce films and other audiovisual productions on a regular basis.

The applicant must be represented by a producer who has produced and released at least one full-length documentary, or several short documentaries, in Dutch film theatres or for television. This producer has proven to be capable of making an active creative contribution to the development process and is not be the same person as the director(s) of the film plans.

The production company must work with a team that can provide continuity on multiple projects (the slate) that are in development at the same time. 


The Fund’s contribution will amount to a maximum of €60.000,- per company for:

  • the redevelopment and further development of film plans for short or long documentaries intended for release in film theatres and/or on television and
  • the development of a film plan for a new full-length documentary (min. 70 minutes) with both international ambition and cinema potential.

To apply for a grant

Applications for Lock Doc Development can be submitted on application dates by the Dutch producer (click here).