Digital Production Challenge II - 2021 Edition

Digital Production Challenge II - 2021 Edition

Deadline: 28 februari

Applications for Digital Production Challenge II are now open.

With the 2021 edition organized by FEST, DPC II is back for a brand new online edition, which will take place over four days from March 29 - April 1.

Bad workflow renders filmmaking clumsy and costly. Good workflow saves time and money, leading to a better end product. DPC II focuses solely on the latter

We also offer technical solutions via intriguing case studies, expert panel discussions and group sessions to overcome workflow dilemmas. So even if you don’t attend the workshop with a project, you will leave primed with the skills and tools to manage future workflow.

We explain the step-by-step process of decision-making, on set and during post-production, guiding participants in terms of delivery materials and media archiving.

Preparing for distribution of your film is essential to the filmmaking process. DPC II will enable you to make the correct production choices (including camera hardware) to suit your chosen distribution strategy, whether theatrical, broadcast or internet-based.

Martin Hagemann (producer), Florian Rettich (DIT & workflow supervisor), Philippe Ros (cinematographer & digital imaging supervisor), Tommaso Vergallo (digital cinema imaging expert), Miga Bär (post production supervisor & digital imaging specialist), Konstantina Stavrianou (producer, MEDIA expert), Sophie Bourdon (project manager) and Paul Miller (head of studies) are some of the trainers of this conference cycle that includes case studies, personalized advice and discussion around the participants concrete projects. 

Drawing on the contributions of several experts in different areas of audiovisual production, DPC II offers participants a personalized experience that will dote them with skills and tools on workflow management, essential to organize the appropriate choices for their distribution strategy. With an essential focus on solving real problems, the workshops are especially geared towards professionals with ongoing projects, since part of the work will focus on discussing the difficulties that they are facing at the present. Nonetheless, candidates without projects will also benefit greatly from these highly illuminating case studies, as well as from the expert presentations.

Workshops will cover topics such as: Strategies in delivering your film, Approaches in budgeting, Architecture of Cameras & Workflows, Digital Post-Production, Pre-Visualization of Workflow, and many more.

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