Sons of Honour

Director: Sophia Luvarà. Writer: Sarah Vos. Produced by: Witfilm (NL), co-produced by DocLab (IT).

Funding Netherlands Film Fund: Netherlands Film Production Incentive Film Productions.

Four boys involved in ‘Ndrangheta Mafia activities are taken away from their extremely powerful and violent families in an attempt to re-educate them.

In the most violent region of Italy, a brave judge fights against the prevailing ‘Ndrangheta Mafia by removing young boys from their extremely powerful and violent families. Director Sophia Luvarà, who grew up in Calabria herself, had unlimited access to the work of the judge and the life of the boys during the controversial re-education program he set up. Through him and his team we meet some of the sons of the most dangerous men in Italy. Can their destiny be altered?

Festivals: Biografilm Festival 2020