Five Dutch minority co-productions backed by the Netherlands Film Fund

Five Dutch minority co-productions backed by the Netherlands Film Fund

The Netherlands Film Fund is supporting five minority Dutch co-productions through its selective funding scheme: two feature films, two documentaries and one animated short.

The Netherlands Film Fund supports co-productions with a strong artistic view, an international festival and distribution appeal and a substantial creative and technical contribution from the Netherlands.

The backed projects are:

A House in Jerusalem (feature film)
Director: Muayad Alayan
Script: Rami Alayan & Muayad Alayan
Producer: PalCine Productions (ISR) in co-production with Herectic (GR), Red Balloon Film (DE) and KeyFilm (NL)
Logline: Following her mother’s death, a Jewish-American girl is moved by her father from New York to Jerusalem in the hopes that a new beginning can help her heal from the painful past. But upon settling into an old house, she encounters the ghost of a Palestinian girl her age who got separated from her family in 1948.
Granted contribution: € 100.000

Poison (feature film)
Director: Désirée Nosbusch
Script: Lot Vekemans
Producer: Deal Production (LU) in co-production with In Good Company (DE) and Phanta Film (NL)
Logline: In a sparsely furnished waiting room, perhaps a particularly austere chapel, a middle-aged man is joined by his former wife. They’re meeting after many years apart — the body of their son Jacob needs to be exhumed, because toxins have seeped into the ground where he’s buried. Is it ever possible to move on?
Granted contribution: € 100.000

The Art of Repression (documentary)
Director: Estephan Wagner
Script: Estephan Wagner & Marianne Hougen-Moraga
Producer: Final Cut for Real (DK) in co-production with Viking Film (NL)
Logline: At the foot of the Andes Mountains in Chile lies an idyllic German colony called Villa Baviera. However, the beauty of this place covers up a grim past. This film explores how the residents of the colony formerly known as Colonia Dignidad use different strategies to cope with the 45 traumatic years of sexual abuse, beatings and medical experiments to which they were subjected.
Granted contribution: € 50.000

Tanja (documentary)
Director: Marcel Mettelsiefen
Script: Mayte Carrasco & Marcel Mettelsiefen
Producer: Dreamer Joint Venture Filmproduktion (DE) in co-production with BALDR film (NL)
Logline: Tanja, a Dutch student, leaves everything she’s ever known behind, travelling thousands of miles to join the FARC. She manages to work her way into the leaders’ inner circle, to become the face of the organisation. Loved by some, hated by others, she eventually becomes a key figure in the Colombian peace process.
Granted contribution: € 50.000

Easter Eggs (short animation)
Director: Nicolas Keppens
Script: Nicolas Keppens
Producer: Animal Tank (BE) in co-production with MIYU Production (FR) and Ka-Ching Cartoons (NL)
Logline:The Chinese restaurant is empty. Mister Ping is gone. The exotic bird’s cage stands wide open. No one knows what happened. Two friends, Jason and Kevin, see this as a great opportunity to catch the birds and sell them for a great amount of money. But catching the birds ain’t as simple as it seems…
Granted contribution: € 29.000 

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Still: Easter Eggs