Take Me Somewhere Nice

Director/Writer: Ena Sendijarević. Produced by: Pupkin, co-produced by VPRO

Funding Netherlands Film Fund: De Oversteek, Film Incentive.

The action of the film takes place in a region of Eastern Ukraine, occupied by various criminal gangs, which are fighting at once with the Ukrainian regular army, with other gangs and with Russian troops. The context in which the action takes place is a hybrid war, happening alongside an open armed conflict, accompanied by robberies on a mass scale and gradual degradation of the civilian population. There is fear, deception, hatred and violence everywhere. Society is collapsing, and death and deadly silence lie upon the place. The state of war reaches its climax. Cast: Sara Luna Zorić (Yulia & Juliet), Lazar Dragojevic, Ernad Prnjavorac.

Festivals, a.o.: International Film Festival Rotterdam  - Tiger Competition - Winner Special Jury Prize, Cannes - ACID, Shanghai International Film Festival, Cannes 2018 - Un Certain Regard