Minority co-productions NFF+IBF

The Netherlands Film Fund & IDFA Bertha Fund Co-production Scheme.

Minority co-productions in the documentary category that have received a contribution from the IDFA Bertha Fund for development or production are eligible for a realisation contribution.

Apart from the quality of the content of the script, the artistic value, original character and urgency of the project, we will look at the creative and technical spending in the Netherlands.

Who can apply

Applications for production support can be submitted on application dates by a production company (a legal entity, not a one-man business or general partnership) that has been based based in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, a member state of the EU or the EEA or Switzerland  for at least two years and that produces and exploits films and other audiovisual productions on a continuous basis.  

The production company will be represented by the Dutch minority co-producer (click here). He/she will have had prime responsibility as a majority producer for the realisation of a minimum of one long documentary with a cinema release in the Netherlands.


  • Up to € 50,000

A maximum of two minority co-productions are eligible for a realisation contribution each year.

Primary conditions

  • The film production must have previously received support from IBF Classic or IBF Europe.
  • The total production budget does not exceed €500,000.
  • The overhead and producer’s fee together do not exceed 17.5% of the contribution.
  • Evidence must be provided that a minimum of 50% of the amount granted is spent on Dutch services or cast and crew.
  • The production must be released in the Netherlands, either in film theatres or with a non-theatrical release or both.
  • The financing of a film production must be shown to be fully and unconditionally promised by third parties within 12 months of the decision to award a grant.



To apply for a grant

Applications for production support can be submitted on application dates by the Dutch producer (click here).