Funding options

The Netherlands is home to a vibrant film industry with an open attitude towards international coproduction.

The Netherlands Film Fund is the national agency responsible for supporting film production and film related activities in the Netherlands. Its focus is to develop and strengthen Dutch cinema and film culture both domestically and internationally. The Film Fund offers various selective support schemes on production and distribution for minority Dutch co-productions. It also runs the Film Production Incentive, offering a cash rebate up to 35% on production costs spent in the Netherlands and oversees the activities of the Netherlands Film Commission. Discover the modified cash rebate up to 35 % here.

Of the budget available for funding in 2020 an amount of 19.25 million euro is earmarked for the Film Production Incentive and 3 million euro for selective schemes targeting minority co-productions.

Please let us inform you about the primary principles of the different support schemes for international productions. The Netherlands has co-production treaties with Canada, France, Germany, China, South Africa and the French Community of Belgium. Furthermore the Netherlands Film Fund collaborates in international reciprocal co-production schemes with the Flanders Audiovisual Fund, Norwegian Film Institute, the Hubert Bals Fund and the Mitteldeutsche MedienfoĢˆrderung MDM.