Cannes: Another Round & Pleasure

Two Cannes selections with Dutch minority backing have garnered Cannes Label status in 2020. Topkapi's Frans van Gestel (Another Round) and…

New Voices From The Netherlands

Join us for a conversation with the new CEO of the Netherlands Film Fund, Bero Beyer; about new voices in Dutch cinema, COVID-19 measures…

Brando back at Cannes

Vincent Tilanus' queer short Marlon Brando is selected for 2020 Cannes Semaine de la Critique. The young director talks to See NL.

Take The Netherlands Co-production folder and Industry Guide - Summer 2020

The new co-production folder & Industry Guide is available.

Annecy 2020: Undone - The Hospital

Selected for Annecy TV Films in Competition is The Hospital episode from Hisko Hulsing's ground-breaking 8 x 23-minute Amazon series Undone.

Dutch Animation At Annecy 2020

Three brilliant and creative Dutch productions are selected for the online Annecy Animation Film Festival (15-30 June) and associated…