Brando back at Cannes

Vincent Tilanus' queer short Marlon Brando is selected for 2020 Cannes Semaine de la Critique. The young director talks to See NL.

New Voices From The Netherlands

Join us for a conversation with the new CEO of the Netherlands Film Fund, Bero Beyer; about new voices in Dutch cinema, COVID-19 measures…

Take The Netherlands Co-production folder and Industry Guide - Summer 2020

The new co-production folder & Industry Guide is available.

Annecy 2020: Undone - The Hospital

Selected for Annecy TV Films in Competition is The Hospital episode from Hisko Hulsing's ground-breaking 8 x 23-minute Amazon series Undone.

Dutch Animation At Annecy 2020

Three brilliant and creative Dutch productions are selected for the online Annecy Animation Film Festival (15-30 June) and associated…

NFF+HBF Spring Selection 2020

Two projects were selected for the NFF+HBF Co-production Scheme, a joint initiative by the HBF and the Netherlands Film Fund (NFF). Two…