Submarine surfaces in Cannes

Submarine Channel’s The Industry VR, showcased within the 2019 Cannes XR program and supported by the Film Fund DocLab Interactive Grant

NFF+HBF: Plus plus situation

The Cannes 2019 Directors Fortnight selection of Alice Furtado’s Sick Sick Sick (Brazil) further underlines the seriousness of Dutch…

NFF+HBF Spring Selection 2019

Two co-productions have been selected for the NFF+HBF Co-production Scheme and receive €50,000 each from the Netherlands Film Fund.

Mascotte and My Father is an Airplane selected for Dutch Crossover

The Netherlands Film Fund has selected two Dutch feature films for Dutch Crossover: Mascotte and My Father is an Airplane. Both projects…

Film Facts & Figures

Film Facts & Figures of The Netherlands - May 2019 Total Dutch film & audio-visual market increased - Video on Demand revenues…

SEE NL #35

Read See NL #35 here, or download as pdf