Becoming Zlatan

Directors & Writers: Fredrik Gertten, Magnus Gerrten. Produced by: Auto Images (SE). Co-producers: Key Docs (NL), WG Film (SE), Indyca (IT).

Funding Netherlands Film Fund: Netherlands Film Production Incentive, Minority co-production feature film and documentary.

 Becoming Zlatan is a coming-of-age film that captures the complicated journey of the young, talented and troubled player as he becomes a superstar in the international football world. It’s a story about a young talent living under constant pressure: from teammates in Malmö who think he only plays for himself; to the tough managers at Ajax who let him sit on the bench, where he loses his self-confidence.  

Throughout his journey, Zlatan stays true to himself. When he finally succeeds in Italy, he also becomes much more private. Soccer superstar Zlatan Ibrahimović is an enigma, but in this story from his breakthrough years, he gives us a glimpse at who he really is – if even just for a moment.