The Commune

Director: Thomas Vinterberg. Writers: Thomas Vinterberg &Tobias Lindholm. Produced by: Zentropa Entertainment (DK), co-producers: Topkapi Films B.V. (NL), Filmi Väst (SE), Zentropa International Sweden (SE), Zentropa International Netherlands (NL)

Funding Netherlands Film Fund: Minority co-production feature film and documentary.

The story is a no-holds-barred account of what happens when personal desires collide with the notion of community. The film delivers a portrayal of the ideal of harmonious communal living but also a merciless depiction of the hurt, loss and aggression that results.

Financiers: Danish Film Institute (DK), DR (DK), Eurimages, Swedish Film Institure (SE), Netherlands Film Fund (NL), Nordic Film- & TV-Fund (NO)
Netherlands funding: Selective minority co-production: € 200,000
Netherlands spending: costume design, make-up artist, camera operator, composer, VFX
World Premiere: Berlinale (2016)
Language: Danish, duration: 90 min, genre: drama 
Sales Agent: TrustNordisk (DK)
Distribution in the Netherlands: September Film