A Real Vermeer

Director: Rudolf van den Berg. Writers: Jan Eilander and Rudolf van den Berg. Produced by :Rinkel Film (NL), co-producers: Fuworks (NL), Cadenza Films (NL), Livingstone (BE), Tarantula (LUX), Nukleus Film (HR)

Funding Netherlands Film Fund: Realisering speelfilm en lange animatiefilm, , Netherlands Film Production Incentive.

Talented young artist Han van Meegeren, is a rebel in the 1920’s Dutch art scene; not because his work is avant garde, but because it is in the style of Old Masters like Rembrandt and Vermeer.  When he falls madly in love with Jolanka, the wife of Holland’s most important critic, he makes a powerful enemy who destroys his career.  To take revenge, he sets out to produce a perfect fake Vermeer to fool the art world and humiliate his enemy. A Real Vermeer is based on a true story.

Financiers: Abraham Tuschinski Fund (NL), Eurimages, AFS+ (LUX), Belgian Tax Shelter (BE), Creative Europe (slate funding)
Netherlands funding: Majority selective production funding & Supplementary fund: € 1.332.081 , Netherlands film production Incentive: € 293.858
World Premiere: Nederlands Film Festival 2016
Language:  Dutch, duration: 100min, genre: drama, suspense
Distribution Benelux:  Cinéart Nederland B.V.