Director: Nikola Ljuca. Writers: Nikola Ljuca & Stasa Bajak. Produced by: Dart Film (SRB), co-producers: Cinnamon Production (SRB), Lemming Film (NL), 2.35 (GRC).

Funding Netherlands Film Fund: Minority co-productions NFF+HBF.

The wife of Petar, a successful and charismatic businessman, disappears after an ordinary morning. He is assured that she will return promptly and thus returns to his work and friends, continuing to his normal life. Though he tries to maintain the picture-perfect image of himself, gradually his fears start pouring out and the more he tries to suppress them, the harder they hit back. Maybe she is just the first of many dominoes to fall to the social transition of values, beliefs and ideals.

Financiers: Serbian Film Centre (RS)
Netherlands funding: NFF+HBF co-production scheme, selective minority co-production support: € 72.000
Netherlands spending: Cast, sound post production
World Premiere: Berlinale 2016
Language:  Serbian, English, French, duration: 110 min, genre: drama
Sales agent: Soul Food