Selected completed coproductions


Becoming Zlatan

Directors & Writers: Fredrik Gertten, Magnus Gerrten. Produced by: Auto Images (SE). Co-producers: Key Docs (NL), WG Film (SE), Indyca (IT).

My First Highway

Director & Writer: Kevin Meul. Produced by: Fobic Films (BE), co-producers: CTM pictures (NL), Telenet Stap, (BE)

Layla M.

Director: Mijke de Jong. Co-director & Writer: Jan Eilander & Mijke de Jong. Produced by: Topkapi (NL). Co-producer: NTR (NL), Menuet (BE), Chromosom (DE), Schiwago Film (DE…


Director & Writer: Kari Anne Moe. Majority country: Norway. Producer: Fluglene (NO). Co-producer: Hazzazah Pictures BV (NL).

The Commune

Director: Thomas Vinterberg. Writers: Thomas Vinterberg &Tobias Lindholm. Produced by: Zentropa Entertainment (DK), co-producers: Topkapi Films B.V. (NL), Filmi Väst (SE…

The Prosecutor, The Defender, The Father and his Son

Director & Writer: Iglika Triffonova. Produced by: Klas Film (BG), co-producers: Phanta Film BV (NL), Weydemann Bros, GbR (GE) , Filmlance International (SE)

La Ultima Tierra

Director & writer: Pablo Lamar. Produced by: Sapukai Cine (PY). Co-producers: Fortuna Films (NL) Cinestacion (CL).

China's van Gogh

Director: Haibo Yu. Written by Haibo Yu en Tianqi Yu. Produced by: Century Image Media (CH). Co-Producer: True Works (NL).

Neon Bull

Director & writer: Gabriel Mascaro. Majority country: Brasil. Produced by: Desvia Film (BR). Co-producers: Viking Film BV (NL) Malnicho Cine (UY) .

La Tierra y la Sombre (Land and Shade)

Director & writer: Cesar Augusto Acevedo. Produced by: Burning Blue Films (CO). Co-producers: Topkapi Films (NL) , Cine- Sud Promotion (FR), Preta Porte Filmes (BR)