Selected completed (co)productions


Don't Swallow My Heart Alligator Girl

Director & Writer: Felipe Bragança. Produced by: Duas Mariola (BR), coproduced by: Damned Films (FR), Globo Filmes (BR), Canal Brasil (BR), Revolver Amsterdam (NL).


Director & Writer: Niles Atallah. Produced by: Mômerade (FR), coproduced by: Diluvio (CL), Circe Films (NL) and unafilm (DE).


Director & Writer: Boris Sverlow. Produced by: Mergans Telewerk (BE), coproduced by: Rocketta Film (NL).

The Sea Stares At Us From Afar

Director & Writer: Manuel Munoz. Produced by: Azhar Media (ES), coproduced by: Elviaje Films (ES), 59 En conserva (ES), CTM Docs (NL).

The Wound

Director: John Trengove. Writers: John Trengove & Malusi Bengu. Produced by: Uruca Media Films (ZA), coproduced by: Riva Filmproduktion (DU), Cool Take Pictures (ZA), Figjam…

En Amont Du Fleuve

Director: Marion Hänsel. Writer: Hubert Mingarelli. Produced by: Man's Film Production (BE), coproduced by: Kinorama (HR), SNG Film (NL).


Director: Aktan Arym Kubat. Writer: Aktan Arym Kubat & Ernest Abdyjaparov. Produced by: ASAP Films, coproduced by: Volya Films (NL), Pallas Films (DE), Oy Art (KG).

A Gentle Creature

Director & Writer: Sergei Loznitsa. Produced by: Slot Machine (FR), co-producers: Looks Film (DE), Studio Uljana Kim (LT), Graniet Film (NL), Wild at art (NL).



Director & Writer: Kari Anne Moe. Majority country: Norway. Producer: Fluglene (NO). Co-producer: Hazzazah Pictures BV (NL).

Love & Friendship

Director & Writer: Whit Stillman. Produced by: Blinder Films (IR). Co-producer: Revolver Films (NL).