Selected completed coproductions


A Real Vermeer

Director: Rudolf van den Berg. Writers: Jan Eilander and Rudolf van den Berg. Produced by :Rinkel Film (NL), co-producers: Fuworks (NL), Cadenza Films (NL), Livingstone (BE…

Problemski Hotel

Director: Manu Riche. Writer: Steve Hawes. Belgium. Producer: Casette for Timescapes (BE). Co-producers: Volya Films (NL), Thank you & Good Night (BE), Riche Riche & Riche…

The Idol

Director: Hany Abu-Assad. Writers: Hany Abu-Assad, Sameh Zubi. Produced by: Idol Film Productions LTD (UK). Co-producer: Key Film (NL).

King of the Belgians

Director and Writer: Peter Brosens & Jessica Woodworth. Produced by: Bo Films BVBA (BE). Co-producers: Topkapi Films B.V. (NL), Entre Chien et Loup (BE), Art Fest Ltd. (BU…

Samuel In The Clouds

Director and Writer: Pieter van Eecke. Produced by: Clin d’oeil (BE) . Co-producers: BALDR Film (NL), A Private View (BE)


Director and Writer: Martin Koolhoven. Produced by: N279 Entertainment, X Filme (DE), co-producers: Prime Time (BE), The Jokers Films (FR), Filmwave (GB), Dragon Films (SWE)

The Commune

Director: Thomas Vinterberg. Writers: Thomas Vinterberg &Tobias Lindholm. Produced by: Zentropa Entertainment (DK), co-producers: Topkapi Films B.V. (NL), Filmi Väst (SE…

The Prosecutor, The Defender, The Father and his Son

Director & Writer: Iglika Triffonova. Produced by: Klas Film (BG), co-producers: Phanta Film BV (NL), Weydemann Bros, GbR (GE) , Filmlance International (SE)

La Ultima Tierra

Director & writer: Pablo Lamar. Produced by: Sapukai Cine (PY). Co-producers: Fortuna Films (NL) Cinestacion (CL).

China's van Gogh

Director: Haibo Yu. Written by Haibo Yu en Tianqi Yu. Produced by: Century Image Media (CH). Co-Producer: True Works (NL).