Selected completed coproductions


Siv Sleeps Astray

Director: Catti Edfeldt. Co-director & Writer: Lena Hanno Clyne. Produced by: Snowcloud Films (SE). Co-producer: Viking Film B.V. (NL).

The Idol

Director: Hany Abu-Assad. Writers: Hany Abu-Assad, Sameh Zubi. Produced by: Idol Film Productions LTD (UK). Co-producer: Key Film (NL).


Director and Writer: Martin Koolhoven. Produced by: N279 Entertainment, X Filme (DE), co-producers: Prime Time (BE), The Jokers Films (FR), Filmwave (GB), Dragon Films (SWE)

Problemski Hotel

Director: Manu Riche. Writer: Steve Hawes. Belgium. Producer: Casette for Timescapes (BE). Co-producers: Volya Films (NL), Thank you & Good Night (BE), Riche Riche & Riche (BE)


Director: Antoine Cuypers. Writers: Antoine Cuypers, Antoine Wauters. Produced by: Wrong Men North (BE). Co-producers: CTM Pictures (NL), Lucil Film (LU), Chevaldeuxtrois (FR).


Director: Rebecca Daly. Writers: Rebecca Daly, Glenn Montgomery. Produced by: Fastnet Films (IE). Co-producers: Rinkel Film (NL), Red Lion (LU)

Love & Friendship

Director & Writer: Whit Stillman. Produced by: Blinder Films (IR). Co-producer: Revolver Films (NL).

The Land of the Enlightened

Director & writer: Pieter-Jan de Pue. Produced by: Savage Film (BE). Co-producers: Submarine BV (NL), Fastnet Film (IE)

D' Ardennen

Director: Robin Pront. writers: Jeroen Perceval en Robin Pront. Produced by: Savage Film bvba (BE). Co-producers: Eyworks NV (BE), Bastide Films BV (NL), PRPL (NL).


Director: Felix van Groeningen. Writers: Felix van Groeningen en Arne Sierens. Produced by: Menuet (BE), Co-producers: Topkapi Films BV (NL), Pyramide Productions (FR)