Selected completed (co)productions


Hellhole (Ascension Day)

Director/Writer: Bas Devos. Produced by Minds Meet (BE), co-produced by Phanta Film (NL) & Artemis Productions (BE).


Director: Patrice Toye. Writer: Peter Seynaeve & Patrice Toye. Produced KeyFilm (NL), co-produced by Prime Time (BE).

A Land Imagined

Director/Writer: Yeo Siew Hua. Produced by Akanga Film Asia (SG), co-producers: MM2 Entertainment (FR), Films de Force Majeure (FR), Volya Films (NL)



Director/Writer: Kristof Bilsen. Produced by: Limerick Films, co-produced by Man's Films Productions, Halal Docs

Smog Town

Directed and written by Meng Han. Produced by Vincent Du (CN) in co-production with SonaFilm, MF Production (NL).


Written and directed by Miriam Gossing and Lina Sieckmann. Produced by Schalten und Walten (DE), co-produced by Elbe Stevens Film (NL) and Coin Film GmbH (DE).


Light as Feathers

Director/Writer: Rosanne Pel. Produced by Family Affair Films (NL).


Directors/Writers: Janus Metz, Sine Plambech. Produced by: Magic Hour Films (DK), co-producer: Vilda Bomben (SE) and BALDR Film (NL).


Director/Writer: Benjamín Naishtat. Produced by: Pucará Cine (AR), co-producer: Viking Film (NL), ECCE Films (FR), Desvia (BR) and Sutor Kolonko (DE).

Stupid Young Heart

Director: Selma Vilhunen. Writer: Kirsikka Saari. Produced by: Tuffi Films (FI), co-producer: Windmill Film (NL) and HOBAB (SE).