International distribution and dubbing support

Dutch features and documentaries that have received selective funding from the Fund and have been selected for a prestigious international film festival are eligible for support.

Who can apply

A foreign distributor can apply for subsidy to cover P&A costs for the distribution of a feature film or documentary. In case of family and youth films the distributor can apply for subsidy to cover the dubbing costs and/or P&A costs.



  • Maximum contribution 20,000 euro per film for distribution costs, released outside the Netherlands by foreign distributors. Matching up to 50% of the distributor's share of the total costs.
  • Maximum contribution 15,000 euro per film per dubbing costs, for films released outside the Netherlands by foreign distributors. Matching up to 50% of the distributor's share of the total dubbing costs.

When to apply

Applications can be submitted up to 6 weeks prior to the local release date.

Primary conditions

  • Eligible are all films supported with selective production funding by the Netherlands Film Fund, which are released theatrically;
  • Only films that have been selected by specific international film festivals, as listed in the overview International festivals in Chapter 7 of the Financial and Production Protocol, qualify;
  • Films that will have a local release within 12 months after the world/international premiere are eligible;
  • A feature film must have a theatrical release with a minimum of 5 theatres and a documentary with a minimum of 3 theatres;
  • Only releases outside the Benelux are supported and when an international sales agent is attached;
  • The foreign distributor applies. The Fund only supports distribution and dubbing costs, that are not already covered by the Fund, by EYE International or third parties;
  • The Fund will not support the costs for MG, taxes and/or the costs for an M&E track.

Application procedure

The distributor applies by submission online, accompanied with an expenditure plan for the support, the deal memo with the sales agent, and a distribution plan containing information about the release. The Fund also needs to receive a signed hard copy of the submission form within a week after submission. Only complete forms will be considered. Only complete applications will be judged and decided upon by the Fund. Submission can occur throughout the year up to six weeks before the local release date. Granted subsidy will be made available for payment after submission of the release figures (number of screens, admissions and box office), as well as the occurred distribution costs with receipts after release.


The Fund will give priority to distribution in European countries or countries that the Netherlands has treaties with. Priority will also be given to distribution with subtitles or dubbing in one of the world languages.

Applicable regulations

How to apply

Applications can be made using the dedicated application form. Please contact Dany Delvoie before applying.