Documentary co-productions with NFI

The Norwegian Film Institute (NFI) and the Netherlands Film Fund agreed on the support of a couple of majority Dutch documentary co-productions with Norway and an equal amount of majority Norwegian documentary co-productions with the Netherlands. Applications can be submitted throughout the year. Applications are submitted by the Dutch producer who must have produced at least one theatrically released film.

Who can apply

Applications for production support can be submitted throughout the year by the Dutch producer (click here) who, as a majority producer, has been jointly and severally responsible for at least one (feature length) documentary with a cinema release or national television broadcast in the Netherlands.


Maximum contribution 50,000 euro per documentary

Primary conditions

  • The project must have production support from the Norwegian Film Institute
  • The requested subsidy amount must be fully spent on Dutch services, cast and crew
  • A deal memo from a Dutch film distributor for the theatrical release of the film in the Netherlands is required
  • The total Dutch share of the project needs to be at least 10% of the production costs, including any Dutch share from Eurimages