Children’s film Co-Development Fund between Netherlands Film Fund and MDM

The Netherlands Film Fund and the Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung (MDM) have established a co-development fund to jointly support script development support for original children film projects. The initiative is in line with the existing and ongoing joint efforts to enhance the co-operation between Germany and the Netherlands.

The Children’s film Co-development Fund aims to support children film projects that are potentially of high quality and of interest to cinema audiences in both countries as well as an international cinema audience. It also aims at stimulating the co-production of children’s films and to increase and encourage the development of quality and diverse audio-visual productions for children.

Which projects are eligible

Proposals for original, live action feature films for children in the age groups 4-6, 6-9 and 9-12 years old are eligible. The film projects should be about contemporary matters and are to be told from the perspective of children. There are no limitations regarding style or genre. Priority will be given to projects that already have a co-producer or co-writer attached from Germany respectively the Netherlands. Applications should originate from the Netherlands or from the region of Mitteldeutschland (Sachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt and Thüringen). 

How to apply

Applications – in English – can be submitted by production companies based in the Netherlands or region of Mitteldeutschland, whereas the corresponding producer has been jointly and severally responsible for at least one feature film with a cinema release in the Netherlands or Germany. The writer (and possible co-writer) must have realized at least one feature film or a television production. Applications can only be made by the production company involved in the project.

The application includes at least: 

  • A logline 
  • For treatment applications: a synopsis of minimum 3 A4 pages 
  • For script development applications: a treatment of maximum 15 A4 pages 
  • For a re-write: a script
  • Motivation and vision of the team members with regard to the film project
  • Motivation and vision of the team on potential German and/or Dutch co-operation with regard to subject, style and audiences
  • Development and finance plan of treatment or script
  • CV’s/filmographies of (co-)producer,(co-) writer and director
  • Previous work of writer and director. 

Only complete applications that fulfill the necessary conditions are eligible for selection. The selection committee consists of the CEO’s of each Fund or their representatives. 


Support can be requested for writing of a treatment, a script, a re-write of a script or script coaching. The maximum contribution per project: 

  • € 10,000 for a treatment or rewrite of a script, 
  • € 20,000 for a script, 
  • € 2,500 for script coaching/script advise 
  • € 1,000 for translation costs (every phase)
  • Maximum 15% producer's fee and overhead 


Applications including all attachments, should be digitally submitted and with one hard copy 

Production companies based in the Netherlands should apply through the digital application system of the Fund and hand in their signed paper application form at the Netherlands Film Fund, address:
Pijnackerstraat 5 
1072 JS Amsterdam 

Production companies based in the region of Mitteldeutschland should hand in their application at the address :
Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung GmbH
Hainstraße 17-19 
04109 Leipzig

Please contact, for more information: 

Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung Mrs. Britta Marciniak ( 

Netherlands Film Fund
Project coordinator International affairs: Mrs. Dany Delvoie (