Selective Funding

Below you can check out a variety of selective support schemes on production for minority Dutch co-productions.

The Netherlands Film Fund also runs the Film Production Incentive.

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Thuthuka: NFVF + NFF Co-development scheme

Thuthuka is an initiative of the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) and the Netherlands Film Fund (NFF) to promote cooperation…

New Dawn

Open up the film industry to new voices. Coming soon.

Production Support (additional COVID-19 measure)

Under the second support package for the cultural and creative sector the additional costs of productions whose realisation has been…

Pandemic Guarantee Scheme (additional COVID-19 measure)

Pending a national approach to the pandemic risk for film productions, a guarantee contribution provides financial security in covering…

Lock Doc Development (additional COVID-19 measure)

Lock Doc Development is a scheme to support documentary production companies in developing a new feature doc plan and at the same time in…