Selective Funding

Below you can check out a variety of selective support schemes on production for minority Dutch co-productions.

The Netherlands Film Fund also runs the Film Production Incentive.

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Minority co-production feature film and documentary

The Fund supports the realisation of minority co-production feature films, long animated films and documentaries.

A minority co-production…

Minority co-production short animation and research & experiment

Realisation of minority short animation and research & experimental co-productions, including immersive and interactive media productions.

Minority co-productions with VAF

The Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF) and the Film Fund participate annually in feature films and documentaries that are made as co

Minority co-productions NFF+HBF

The Netherlands Film Fund & Hubert Bals Fund Co-production Scheme.

Minority co-productions in the feature film category that have received…

Minority co-productions NFF+IBF

The Netherlands Film Fund & IDFA Bertha Fund Co-production Scheme.

Minority co-productions in the documentary category that have received a…

Minority co-productions NFF+NFI

The Netherlands Film Fund and the Norwegian Film Institute (NFI) have concluded a cooperation agreement to encourage the co-production of…