Angels of Amsterdam

Created by Anna Abrahams and Avinash Changa. Produced by We Make VR.

Funding Netherlands Film Fund: Immerse\Interact.

Angels of Amsterdam

Angels of Amsterdam is set in a truthful recreation of a 17th century café in Amsterdam, where you share key episodes in the lives of Maritgen Jans, Juliana, Elsje Christiaens and Pussy Sweet: four fierce angels who were not getting their fair share of the Golden Age’s gold and took their destiny in their own hands. They respond to eye-contact, and share their stories in the form of contemporary song, dance or performance.

Four young women had left behind all they knew and had boarded ship in Dutch Brazil or Jutland, or had spent days trudging up from a tiny village in Noord-Brabant to try their luck in booming 17th century Amsterdam. They were unfamiliar with the way money works and in their dealings with hustlers, landlords and whoremongers, they didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell. Angels of Amsterdam shows the dark side of the wealth and liberty of the port- and trading city of Amsterdam. The power relations between rich and poor, as well as between men and women in that young capitalist society also concerns us. These are stories that have brought us to where we are now.

Festivals: Netherlands Film Festival 2021, Venice International Film Festival 2021