MIA 2021

MIA 2021

Deadline: 25 juni

Together with the Netherlands Film Fund and Flanders Audiovisual Fund, the Sino-European producers' association Bridging the Dragon will host an informal online coaching session exclusively dedicated to Dutch and Flemish producers on Wednesday, 16 June

Our industry has been hit by the pandemic severely in the past year. Contrarily, the box office in China has been thriving and film makers are busy on all kinds of diversified content. More than ever we believe that it's important for European producers to be prepared to exploit the many opportunities offered by this new and enormous market. Therefore, we decided to make use of the virtual space in this still travel-constrained time and host a series of informal online coaching sessions for local professionals. The interactive small-group format will allow participants to raise specific questions on the Chinese market or on their individual projects. 

The session will be structured into three parts: 
  • an overview of the current Chinese film market and its opportunities for Dutch & Flemish producers
  • a case study or sharing on genre / feature films
  • a talk and discussion on the opportunity for family entertainment and animations

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