International coproduction - selected features (completed)

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Director & Writer: Fabio Wuytack. Produced by Projecto Productions, coproduced by Windmill Film (NL), Make Productions (UK), Les Films de la Memoire (BE).


Director: Aktan Arym Kubat. Writer: Aktan Arym Kubat & Ernest Abdyjaparov. Produced by: ASAP Films, coproduced by: Volya Films (NL), Pallas Films (DE), Oy Art (KG).

A Gentle Creature

Director & Writer: Sergei Loznitsa. Produced by: Slot Machine (FR), co-producers: Looks Film (DE), Studio Uljana Kim (LT), Graniet Film (NL), Wild at art (NL).

The Prosecutor, The Defender, The Father and his Son

Director & Writer: Iglika Triffonova. Produced by: Klas Film (BG), co-producers: Phanta Film BV (NL), Weydemann Bros, GbR (GE) , Filmlance International (SE)

The Idol

Director: Hany Abu-Assad. Writers: Hany Abu-Assad, Sameh Zubi. Produced by: Idol Film Productions LTD (UK). Co-producer: Key Film (NL).


Director & Writer: Kari Anne Moe. Majority country: Norway. Producer: Fluglene (NO). Co-producer: Hazzazah Pictures BV (NL).

Problemski Hotel

Director: Manu Riche. Writer: Steve Hawes. Belgium. Producer: Casette for Timescapes (BE). Co-producers: Volya Films (NL), Thank you & Good Night (BE), Riche Riche & Riche…


Director: Antoine Cuypers. Writers: Antoine Cuypers, Antoine Wauters. Produced by: Wrong Men North (BE). Co-producers: CTM Pictures (NL), Lucil Film (LU), Chevaldeuxtrois (FR).

Neon Bull

Director & writer: Gabriel Mascaro. Majority country: Brasil. Produced by: Desvia Film (BR). Co-producers: Viking Film BV (NL) Malnicho Cine (UY) .


Director: Rebecca Daly. Writers: Rebecca Daly, Glenn Montgomery. Produced by: Fastnet Films (IE). Co-producers: Rinkel Film (NL), Red Lion (LU)